Deep Inside My Chest – If you can’t make it..

Deep Inside My Chest

Can’t make it? Still want to participate? Can make it but want to participate. All are welcome. 

Please consider contributing to the “Deep Inside My Chest”

This Hope Chest is Similar to the Oh My God is in My Chest a manifestation of the last intentional spiritual quest.- where each drawer of a tiny chest became an alter for a specific prayer. I HOPE this CHEST will be filled with VERY SMALL prayers, offerings, wishes, precious objects, tiny books. Each drawer is 1 1/2 inches deep, 7 inches long, 3 inches wide. What are your prayers for this marriage? For Me? What are your prayers for your own connection to land? What is your relationship to the land? Where do you belong? what are your meditations on Belonging, Connection, Intimacy, Community, Land, Love, Relationships.

or there has to be hope in this chest

From your chest to mine!

If you are unable to attend Please send something by April 20th 2014! ask me for my address if you forget. ALSO if you wish to have a whole drawer to yourself. Please inquire and i will send it to you and you can send it back! by April 20th!





the Oh My God is In My Chest
prayer for lost things


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